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    • Place the beams up to 2 metres apart
    • Both beams are fitted with a carry handle & adjustable feet
    • Functions include: On/Off, Net/Gross, Tare, Print
    • Ideal for pallets, long loads, containers etc
    • Indicator
    • Weights are clearly displayed in 7 x 20mm high digits which is backlit LCD for excellent viewing
    • Scales will display low battery when the unit requires recharging. The battery lasts approx. 15 hours
      of continuous use & is charged via the charger.
    • The display turns itself off after 2 minutes

    Portable Beam Scales

    3 Day Delivery
    SKU Description Price (inc VAT) Qty  
    816965005628 Size mm: 2 qty of 1200 x 100 Beams
    Capacity: 2500kg / 5000lb
    816965005635 Size mm: 2 qty of 1200 x 100 Beams
    Capacity: 5000kg / 10,000lb
    Delivery estimate: 3 Day Delivery